Kiss on Tour Board Game from 1978

Kiss the band has been around for nearly fifty years and has become of one of the biggest hard rock metal bands that has influenced countless bands such as W.A.S.P. (Blackie Lawless was friends with Ace Frehley in NY and saw the early formation of the band) Motley Crue, Anthrax, Skid Row, Stone Temple Pilots and Garth Brooks! Along with that they also were the most merchandised band in rock and roll history. Taking a page from the Beatles marketing machine a decade before them, there were Action Figures, Kites, Pinball machine, Sleeping bags, Trading cards, just about anything they could slap their branding license to, Kiss would do which brings us to this piece of merchandise, Kiss on Tour Board Game.

At first glance you notice the cool art work, the iconic Kiss logo and all four band members depicted as larger than life comic book super heroes straight from the pages of a Superman comic book. I cant help but notice the orange illuminated glow around the members used to subconsciously suggest the band has super powers.

The contents of the board game features 1 Game Board that comes in 2 pieces that peg and connect together features photos of all four band members in live concert action 10 City Cards Dallas, London, Tokyo, Atlanta etc Kiss were a world wide attraction and still are 15 Kiss Cards 5 Record Cards 5 Fan Cards 2 Dice 4 Player Pieces

The board is laid out as a large star, and players move their pawns out from the "record store" space, as they follow the band on "tour".

Here are instruction of the game features the object of the game which includes

Beginning the Game

Concert Cities

Kiss Cards

Record Shop and Fan Club

Winning the Game

Seems the game has a simple design and perfect for 8 and up which was the target demographic of Kiss fans back then.

I made a short video of the game

Kiss put out a couple more board games in the 2000s which I will cover in another post in the near future.

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