18 inch Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon Doll 1999

This Ozzy Osbourne doll ticks both my loves of Heavy Metal music and Horror movies. I remember being a kid first seeing clips of the Ozzy Bark at the Moon video it scared the living crap out of me. This doll is based on the video in which descends into madness by escaping an insane asylum after morphing into a werewolf heavily borrowing from the classic Wolfman movie of the 1940s.

This figure is 18 inches and came out in 1999 by the now defunct company Fun 4 All they did similar dolls on Iron Maiden Eddie and Alice Cooper.

It has fantastic detail and sculpt and comes with a letter of authenticity and number 05781 out of 50,000 dolls produced back in 1999. Features a cross, long monster fingers, eyes that are blood shot red and fang teeth. There is also a button feature to play audio of bark at the moon song as well.

His legs are moulded in a semi crouch position from hard plastic which gives him a sturdiness which allows him to stand without toppling over.

His body is soft, moves at the waist and his arms are fur coated plastic which move very easily up and down for posing. Although his head doesn't move at all. This doll comes in a huge box.

Top of box has molded Ozzy Osbourne name logo imprinted, nice detail.

Here is a quick video of the Ozzy doll, I think the great irony of all this is guitarist Jake E Lee wrote most of this song that helped revitalize Ozzy's career in the 80s.

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